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Michael Penner

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Jun 27, 2013
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I have my Yamaha Motif XF8 keyboard connected to inputs 1&2 on my FW-1082 and my Pod HD500 connected to inputs 3&4 on the Tascam and connected to Cubase LE software.
My problem is that I can only record through inputs 1&2. I can record as many tracks as needed, as long as they're through inputs 1&2. Inputs 3&4 show up on the FW-1082 (Pod HD) but I can't record them direct through those inputs, or even see the meters rise in cubase.
Like I said, I can see the Tascam is receiving the signal on inputs 3&4 its the audio from those inputs that aren't making it to Cubase...
I've been at the Tascam manual and Cubase all day and still can't figure this out!!!
I would appreciate any help!!!


P.S. I'm running windows xp 32bit
Okay, found the answer to my own question.... VST inputs have to engaged in cubase and you need to set buss assignment on the mixer channel to the corresponding input/output.


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