Open Letter To Tascam


Sep 29, 2012
Northern California
Gear owned
Following are edited excerpts from several messages the past two months:

"I would be greatly appreciative for the beta drivers."

"I need beta drive plees"

"Can anybody provide me the OSX 10.9.2 driver for my DM4800 firewire card ? It would be really appreciated. Thanks michzzl dot paul69 dot mp at gmail dot com"

"Good day. If someone could send me the OSX 10.9 Beta driver as well, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dip_xx at hotmail dot com"

By my rough guestimation, there are at least 25 more recent requests like these. Which begs the question: is anyone at Tascam planning on officially releasing the drivers any time soon? Seems to me it would be a very good idea - not only for the obvious reasons, but also because of good will and positive PR. With recent speculation of a 'new Tascam mixer in what....2015...' one is moved to believe there's restlessness brewing. That leads to dissatisfaction, and ultimately - maybe - users jumping onto another ship with a different logo.
This would be an unfortunate outcome for Tascam because the DM series are excellent consoles, and despite what plans may exist for newer product, as long as they're current, the DMs deserve timely support.

Thanks for hearing me out.


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My thoughts exactly!

And to add to it: this beta driver has been around since at least November 2012 (when I received it from a friend here on the forum), and I've heard of noone having any problems with it. High time to lose the 'beta' status IMO.
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Release it already. It's been in circulation for a year and a half. It's way passed embarrassing already.

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