Please update drivers for Windows 8


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Oct 15, 2012
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Now that Gibson, which owns Tascam, is buying Cakewalk, which makes SONAR, I hope Tascam will reconsider updating drivers for the FW-1884 and other similar control surfaces. These hardware units are still excellent when used with a DAW, and Tascam is buying a DAW (SONAR). The developers of SONAR always work closely with Microsoft each time a new operating system is tested, and it only makes sense to keep compatible with the latest OS.

I would be willing to pay for Frontier Design (which writes the driver for the FW-1884) to do the update. I am aware some users were able to get the Windows 7 driver working under Windows 8, so the change cannot be substantial. Let's just make it seamless so we don't have to fight with it.
I'm not sure that I'd want to pay, but otherwise I'd be very interested in Win8 drivers for my FW-1884.

I think it remains to be seen what happens if Gibson takes other than a financial interest. My understanding is that they are taking over Cakewalk's software departments, but I'm not sure what is happening to the Edirol audio interfaces. I've used a number of their usb units alongside the Tascam devices, and have always liked them a lot.

I'd also lobby for Linux drivers for anything. I've been playing with "Mixbus" across platforms, but none of my interfaces work with it out of the box.

Basically, I'm still on XP and drive a Martin. :shock:
It would be awesome and a great gesture to the "few loyal" tascam users they have.
Win 8 drivers; really?
Come on guys, our beloved 1884 is obsolete.
Help from Gibson???
The guys who FINALLY get the Les Paul "right";
Never gonna happen...
IF we could find the programmer who did all the work originally, and IF he/she would take the project, etc etc.
At the risk of repeating myself;
Never gonna happen...

Yea, getting rid of mine now. Just ordered my Fireface. tired of the lack of support. May sell it or may give it to my nephew. I still think it's an awesome piece for what it does and it's sound there's nothing like it outside of the Digi series. If they gave it just a bit of occasional support it would still be really viable in the market.

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