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Nov 13, 2019
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Hi! After some help with whether I can use a different adapter that I have, and also to increase my knowledge of what I'm looking at for future replacements

I've had an Alto ZMX122 for years, but a good few years ago the plug cracked, all still works but definitely not a good look being taped together, I tried to order a new plug from the brand but they said they were unable to order my part anymore

I have a Roland plug going spare which seems to fit, it seems to be about half as powerful, I'm guessing that the worst case scenario is that it's not enough power
But I thought best to check in with some experts because I can't get myself to try it haha

Here are the two plugs

And the mixer

Thank you for any help!
The Roland Power Supply (not "plug") isn't absolutely a replacement for the original Alto PS. In fact, the specs printed on respective labels say it all:
- Alto 18 VAC, 1000 mA = 18 Volts alternating current;
- Roland 9V DC, 2A = pretty common Direct Current PS.
The picture of the ZMX122 rear panel on Alto website is ambiguous, in that the silkscreening near the supply socket says 18VAC but the polarity symbol refers to DC.


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