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Aug 7, 2015
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So I just picked up a Porta One for a nice $20. I wasn't able to test it when buying it and was pretty sure it would come with a problem so here it is.

Rewind and fast forward both work but when I load a tape and press play it will automatically stop after a few seconds. So far I've opened it up checked the belts and replaced two of the belts because they were a slipping a bit. At this point I'm thinking maybe it's the capstan motor?

I'm just not sure. The lower pin that is pinched between the roller and the tape moves when all functions are engaged.

This seems like a common problem. Can or does anyone have any insight?
Yes, Many times belt changes are not the only thing to be done with these especially at this age. There are gears and wheels in that have the old grease and they need correction if not new grease.
I keep on telling people that a set of a few belts is not the total answer and they ignore me and a week or two later they are back.
I haven't been restoring these all these years for my health. The ones I fix do not come back either. You problem is a lack of take-up torque and is measured with a tape called the MTT160.
Without that tape or one like it you just do not know what the values are.
So with that said you only do personal repairs?
Personal repairs? I have been in business doing these tape decks since 1997 but worked at Teac in 82-87 at the Factory Service Chicago. I work on all kinds of equipment here. I have a Technics RS-1700 on the bench now.
If you need help skywavebe@sbcglobal.net I can assist in more detail.
I'm sorry I misunderstood your first reply. I will send an email thanks

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