Porta07 randomly stops recording and playing


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Apr 20, 2014
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My Tascam Porta07 seems to pop out of record and playback mode at random. The longest I've ever been able to record is about 60 seconds. When I tried to play it back it would keep stopping. It really seems to be totally random. Sometimes it works for 15-20 seconds and sometimes 1-2 seconds. It has no other issues. It rewinds and fast forwards fine. The zero stop function is off, but when it's on the tape stops at zero.
I'm a newbie, so if I open it up I won't really know what I'm looking at.
It seems to be in great shape and came with the box and manual so I'm hoping it can be a simple fix.
Thanks so much for any help!
I'm not familiar with Porta07, but your problem sounds like having an issue with takeup reel axle motion sensor (or whatever it's called). Looks like every niow and then the sensor "thinks" the axle has stopped rotation and as a safety measure Porta stops itself.

Hard to say a reason for sensor failure. May be anything from dust, bad solder joint, broken sensor or broken transport logic unit.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

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