Portable mixer stand for 2488neo or DP-24

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Jan 26, 2013
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Has anyone had luck with finding a portable 'mixer' stand that rolls for either machine? GC and MF has one, but it looks cheap.
Well the stand I use is not specific for a portable mixer but it works well I bought it years ago as a Combo Amp stand I am sure they still sell them you can change the mounts at the top for different angles and have used the stand for my DP24 AW1600, GT100 and my amp head.
I have one under my Twin and never thought to use it as a portastudio stand. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the idea.
You can lift a twin up on a stand? remind me never to argue with you LOL. Completly off topic but I have been offered a dual showman head and the front panel looks like a head version of the red knob twin do you know if they are the same?
Funny .... I actually get help lifting it. It's a '79 and weighs 2 tons! It just stays in my studio, so it doesn't move very much. I don't recall the dual showman being similar to the red knob Twin. I only remember a silver or blackface, definitely without red knobs.
Thanks MLC I used to have a twin with wheels on and they are heavy I could never get anyone fool enough to lift it for me. I will go and have a look at this Dual Showman if its like the Red knob twin I believe its the nearest thing that Fender made along with the Rivera designed Concert II to a Dumble and I certainly can not afford one of them.

Bob, I just saw a red knob DS on Ebay. So, they do exist, I'm just not familiar with them. I was out of the amp market during that time. The only reason I have the Twin is because a close friend of mine lost his dad years ago and 'begged' me to take it. Initially, he wanted to give it to me, but I convinced him to take $300 for it because I felt uncomfortable taking it for free. It's spotless, just not my favorite Twin. 135 watts is too much for a studio.

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