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Apr 24, 2022
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I use X8 some time and it's very good recorder, BUT has very annoying behaviors. I think it should be not so hard to correct them in a firmware update:
- please, store some settings - for sure, mics selection in the first place; now every time I have to enter input tab and DESELECT most of them; it will be nice to have some PC/Mac software to create own profiles instead (or alongside) the existing ones
- if I connect USB cable, I see one "frame" with question if the power source has 1,5A and above this frame the another one with "error message" - USB FS Mismatch with OK button; why and what for I see that and I have to close two frames? it should be possible to disable if I use USB connection only for transfer files
- X8 from time to time restores "power save" setting to "ON" (I don't know why and when); but... it's annoying if I enter input page, mic page and try to enable phantom power. I got only message about "power save mode enabled" with OK button... I have to return to input, return to home, enter the menu, the power submenu and disable power save mode. And again, return to menu, to home, to input, to mic and enable the phantom again... it should be rather a question: "Power save is enabled. Do you want to disable it and activate phantom power?" and Yes/No button instead of information message and long navigation "to the Mordor and back"
- I don't know if it is possible to enable plug-in power for Ext-Input like in DR-100? I have binaural microphones which have only stereo mini-jack and I'm able to use them with DR-100 (Ext-input has possibility to enable plug-in power). In X8 it's not possible :(
- setting time is annoying because of the number controls are not "cycled" (if minutes are set to 58, and you have to set them to 02, you need to scroll not only 4 positions forward, but 56 backward...)
- X8 is not budget recorder for amateurs (I suppose), so recording tutorial after pressing Rec button is... unexpected - maybe it should be disabled by default or after setting the language user should answer the question if is amateur or not to omit the tutorial

X8 is the new unit, so I hope new version of the firmware will fix some of these... maybe not "error" but inconveniences to improve user's impressions ;)
Hi Gades. Have you had any trouble with connecting via bluetooth from the Portacapture app? It won't work for me? I'm using v1.20. The module flashes, I'm assuming this is telling me I'm ready for you to press connect on the phone. Which I do, the circle spirals.......forever, until the phone shuts down...
The X8 does record a band very well, no problems in the recording department.
(not regretting this purchase just yet....getting there though)
Hi, Jeff, unfortunately I don't use BT adapter anymore - it was useless for me without audio preview on the phone. Do you use Android or iPhone? In my case it was Android 8.0.
Only just started using the PCX8 last week, and there’s a few menu handling and messaging issues which can clearly be improved. It feels clunky and seems it’s a rushed rollout probably to take advantage of the 32bit float recording marketing window before competitors catch up.
I noticed a line in your observations which may assist me in a usb related issue I’m trying to resolve. You mentioned “it should be possible to disable if I use USB connection only for transfer files”

Have you ever played a prerecorded wav file on the device via Browse and Play and recorded or monitored that output on the computer? The manual seems to indicate that’s possible but is less than clear about it? I have recorded all the inputs ok at the computer (via Steinberg’s Wavelab program) when the PCX8 is in recording mode and also passed audio to the PCX8 from the computer, but not been able to record when simply playing back a prerecorded file.

Am I attempting the impossible?

Observations would be useful.


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