Pre-historic DM-24 user needs help!


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Jun 5, 2013
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Hello.. Hoping someone in here either owns, or owned, a DM-24 with firewire card.
I bought mine used about 3 or 4 years ago and put it in storage. I now am in the process of incorporating it into my studio to use for both live, and digital music production. I use a Macbook pro 1.67G with OSX 10.6.8 running Logic pro 8/ Reason/ Ableton Live, with an emagic MT4 midi interface. I recently acquired the FW card and have been thwarted at every pass to be able to update the firmware on the DM-24. Seems less and less support and user info is on the web.

My problem... Tascam only recommends midigraphy sequencer be used to update firmware of DM-24 and if-fw/dm mk 1 with Mac, MSWin Player 7 on PC.
Unfortunately, Midigraphy is only supported on OS 8.6.? not OSX. And can not get it to work with Windows 7, due to the lack of any midi protocal available in the Win7
(I assume).

And so, My question... Has anyone successfully updated their DM-24 with an alternate sequencer, a la, Logic, Reason, Live, GarageBand.... etc. (or even a hardware sequencer, such as MPC or MO- 8, etc,? If so, what sequencer, was it success
Because of a possible system crash on DM-24, if done improperly, or some communication glitch occurs with file while updating, I would like to have some insight and direction, if possible..HELP! , or else I may be forced to seek out replacement Eproms with V3.00 loaded, and go through the trouble of disassembling the DM to install them, so that I can use it fully.
Thx, Chase
Oh ... DM-24 isn't treated as pre-historic in this forum. In matter of fact we have a sub-forum for DM-24 here. Moving this topic there ...
I too am trying to figure out how to update to a higher version. I bought a DM24 on ebay and it came with v1.0 (lame) so I have been trying and trying to update it. I've been told that I can use any MIDI player to do the update but when I try to run the sequence of midi files for the update it doesn't work at all. I've tried on different midi players (protools, garage band, logic) and it doesn't even read the first midi file. If there is a way to buy the eproms with v3.0 I would be willing to do that. My biggest problem is I can't even use the mixer as a mackie HUI controller through midi because I'm on version 1.0. Please HELP!

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