Problem recording with my DP-02


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Jan 13, 2015
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Tascam dp-02
As stated above I am having issues with my portastudio. I go through the process of recording (assigning tracks to inputs, hitting record on the track, creating a song, plugging in my mic, adjusting volume, and finally pressing play and record at the same time.) I'm almost sure that I did all of this correctly as i've read the manual and watched a couple youtube videos. The damn thing wont pick up any sound at all. No matter how much I fiddle with the settings I receive no result or even minor indication or change, nothing. I have considered that it may be the mic or connecting chord but there seems to be no settings at all on the mic and the chord seems pretty standard/solid. I know that it has worked in the past with this set up as I have friends that have recorded on it. (without me too see their process)

Any and all help will be appreciated greatly
Thank you
Here are a few of my ideas if you have not figured this out already. 1: make sure your mic/line selection is correct and mic/line input level is turned up high enough.
2: if your mic needs phantom power make sure your phantom power is on.
3: make sure the correct track is selected and armed useing the assign and track buttons (should be blinking) press play and record at same time (blinking track button should be solid on) play or sing then stop then stop/rewind then play and adjust volume useing headphone level or master level controls.
Hope this helps.
You can also consider this as I had the same problem getting started. Arm your track by pressing the assign & track button, but here's the catch. You're not actually arming the track until you press the track button once again. When I did this, I was now recording sound but prior to this small detail I was getting nothing to record. This might work for you.
Of course selecting Record & Play will actually place the DP02 into the record mode. I forgot this as part of the overall sequence to record track.

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