Problem with my us-800

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    Oct 2012
    Tascam us-800
    Hey guys,
    i have my us-800 since 4 months and i must say that i love this interface: sounds perfect and i love the fact that it has 6 xlr input (i think the only soundcard on the market).
    I have a problem with my interface since the first day i brought it that i accepted to face, but now i'm feeling a little bit frustrated about it..
    I have a macbook pro (2011, 10.6.8) and everytime i plug-in the soundcard it doesn't get recognized by the system unless i reboot the computer, and turn off and on the us-800.
    Sometimes also this procedure doesn't work, so i reboot it again.
    For 4 months i accepted this issue, but now i can't stand it anymore: everytime i have to leave my computer attached to the usb cable because i know that there will be some problems for sure.
    I hope you can help me with this issue.