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Sep 5, 2013
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tascam dp 01 fx
When my system is set up to record anything it is barely registering amny sound on the meter. When i play back i have almost no sound. Its super quiet. Checked setup according to the manuel and changed cords mics and instruments. Help

I had it set up at my old house and it worked fine. Havent been able to use in a while and then moved. Reset everything up and its not working. No errors.

When i went to playback old stuff i recorded it was barly audible. Changed out headphones. Im very new to this
I don't know much either. I am also here for answers. Maybe I can help you. If I understand your story right, I had the same problem months ago. I used to learn everything about the module and then let it on the side for two years. When I took it back, I started to record some stuff again, but forgot some elementary principles about the module. After recording, I transfered the tracks on my computer and found out that the sound was almost impossible to hear. I guess that my error has been to not calibrate the input knob to the maximum before the OL light flashes (meaning that it overloads, peaks). I guess that I had just put it low and rolled the headphone knob high enough to think that I was recording loudly. Maybe it is the same for you. Good luck.
Cool thanks ill try that. I thought i checked the input. Ill look again.
Eh didnt work. I think the inputs are just shot. Everything is static and the Ol lights come on barely like a shorting wire. When i do hear sound its hella distorted. Plays cds fine.
Sorry i'm french and I do not understand everything. You have the DP-01FX with CD burner integrated? I don't. You say that when you brun your track on a CD, the sound is fine? So it's only when you listen to your track in the DP-01 that you have distorsion problems? When you record also? Di you try other headphones to see if it is the problem?
No i already tried everything. All the ports are just shot. Im just gonna junk it and het a new one
Alright, by the way, don't you have any advice for my problem? Looks like I won't have any help on this site. All other DP-01 posts on this forum seem to have never been answered.

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