Putting DM3200 in "Vegas Mode"


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Apr 30, 2013
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I've just purchased a preowned DM3200. Have a friend that's interested in getting one as well. He's seen the demos on line and wanted me to put the console in demo or Vegas mode, where all the faders are moving by themselves. I know this is probably a stupid question. It it possible? Thanks in advance!
Of course it's possible. If it weren't it would be Special Effects. :)

Here's one way to do it:

Set up a dummy Automated Mix session. Using the DM's Internal MTC, move the faders up and down. For variety, Link 4, 8 - or even 16 faders together - move them up down - or some half-way up, then down - others all the way down - up.
Record all the movements; store them to the Automated mix file. Then - play it back.

Let your imagination go. It's not music; it's pizzzazzz! Showmanship! And worst of all, this excercize has absolutely nothing to do with anything you'd ever do seriously with your DM. But if your clients are easily impressed, it could mean money in the bank.


It is in fact entirely possible. I got it to work in Reaper by using automation and just shifting each automation channel a little bit so they would do the normal Vegas mode like other mixers. If I can find a way to export the automation file from reaper, I would be happy to send it to you. What DAW are you using?

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