Question about exporting files on DP-32


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Jul 17, 2014
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This is probably me being stupid but when I export files they are created in the audiodepot folder with a file name like song001_track21.wav.
I can copy those to my PC via USB.
I then insert a new, formatted, SD card into the DP32 and import the files.
My questions are:
1. Is it possible to import all the files as a song or do I have to import each file individually and
2. Can I alter the format of the exported file names as the import only recognizes the first 8 characters of the files.
i.e. all the tracks look like song01_tr.wav

I have had to rename them all on my PC before copying them back to the DP-32. Even after doing that it is still time consuming to import them all and none of the song set up (sends, pans etc etc) get imported with them so I have to write down all the settings to copy a multi-track setup onto a new SD card.

It being such an advanced machine I can't believe that I can't save the setup as a song and then import it in it's entirety.

Anyone know if there is a way of doing this please?

Answering my own question.....
The answer seems to be to copy the song from within the 'MUSIC' folder over USB which also saves MOST of the settings too.

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