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Oct 5, 2012
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dm 4800
hi, since the beginning I had this problem that when I put youtube full screen Im loosing sound, so i have to refresh the page or even restart the mixer to get sound again? any idea?
btw I have the 1.60 version with wn xp
Don't use IF-FW/DM as your Windows audio device. Reserve it just for DAW (ASIO) use. Use your motherboard audio device and connect it to your DM's S/PDIF or 2TR IN.
thnx jarno, but it seems i dont even have the audio card installed... i have a P5K premium motherboard, but cant find a suitable driver for it ...dont know what to do. But well , is not such a bit problem, in all this years i was working fine like this. Il try to ask the guy where i bought the pc, maybe he can help me. thnx again
r3writed said:
i have a P5K premium motherboard, but cant find a suitable driver for it
This one?
It indeed has audio interface with both analog (which you can connect to 2TR) and digital (which you can connect to S/PDIF) outputs. Driver can be downloaded here: ... t_Download

Now ... after installing the driver:
1. Go to Windows Control Panel and set your motherboard's audio interface as Sound Playback Device (don't remember exactly how to do this ... not at my studio XP computer right now, but at my Win7 laptop. If you need help on this step, just ask and i'll drag my arse downstairs to the control room).
2. Connect your motherboard to DM with
2.a. 3.5mm plug -> 2xRCA cable from motherboard's analog out to DM's 2TR input
2.b. S/PDIF cable (well ...any RCA cable should worl in short cable runs) from motherboard's digital out to DM's S/PDIF input.
3. Decide the way you want to listen to YouTube/WindowsMediaPlayer/anyothersoftwarelikethose:
3.a. (recommended) Setup one of DM's MONITOR SEL keys to listen to the input you connected your motherboard audio device to.
3.b. Route this same input to one pair of channels.

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