Questions: Going from a 788 to a DP-24


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Mar 13, 2014
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According to the DP-24 Manual:

"A master file created on this unit (meaning the DP-24) can be transferred to a computer as a stereo WAV file (from the "Song name" folder inside the MUSIC folder). Only export is possible"

Does this mean that I can connect my laptop (via USB ports) to the DP-24, and transfer the SINGLE STEREO wav master file FROM the DP-24 to my laptop, where upon my laptop software (such as Windows Media player) can recognize and PLAY the SINGLE STEREO wav master file (and create an MP3 file)?

Or can the resulting SINGLE STEREO wav master file that ends up on my laptop only be accessed by some other music processing software for playing, processing and creating an MP3 file?

thanks to anyone and all who can help with this pre-purchase question!!!

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