R audio out put is coming through both monitors.


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Feb 21, 2013
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DM 3200
So I have been having a problem with setting up the audio.

For some reason I only hear the right audio through the left and right monitor speaker and I'm wondering if its just the routing that's off because even when I rout the(2TR IN) to 2 separate Chanels I only hear sound through the right monitor speaker.
Your post header and your actual post contradict. Please clarify.

If the "R audio out put is coming through both monitors", maybe you have the mono button depressed, or the routing to your monitor selection section is incorrect.

If you only hear sound from the right speaker, that's a different issue.
It's likely a routing mistake. Very easy to make.

1 What output exactly are your monitors plugged into? CR outs? Aux outs? etc?
2 Are your 2TR INs or stereo DAW returns assigned to paired sets of DM channels?
3 Have those pairs of Channels been assigned to the "STEREO" Buss? And is the balence (stereo pan) been set to the middle point?

If the right channel audio (only) is going out BOTH monitor speakers, it's likely that your 2 inputs for those channels may only be assigned to one signal. For instance, Let's say you use DM channels 47 and 48 for your stereo FW Slot returns (SLOT1-1 and SLOT!-2 from your DAW). If DM channel 47 input is set to SLOT1-2, and DM channel 48 input is set to SLOT1-2, then both channels are listening to the right channel output from your DAW. Channel 47 (in this case) needs to be reset to SLOT1-1, to hear the left side. Make sure these inputs are paired, and set to whatever output buss you wish to use to go to your monitors: "STEREO" buss is most common here. Then check your balence.

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