RC-3F footswitch glitches

Pablo Cruz 24

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Jul 9, 2014
Mustang, OK
Gear owned
I have it setup to rewind with the left switch, play/stop with the right switch and record with the center switch. The latter is where the problem appears to be. Initially it was setup to punch in/out. That only stopped play back (yes, there was a track armed for recording). So I changed it to record (REC). I expected it to be like hitting the record button on the console, but it appears to need to be in play mode before it will kick in to record, and then it makes the transport hesitate for a fraction of a second.

Do I have a dud footswitch? Do I have it setup wrong? Do I expect too much from this footswitch?
Anybody else use this footswitch for punching in and out?

Using a footswitch to punch in and out on the DP-008EX was perfect and I expected the same with this kind of expensive unit.

I still have a few weeks to return or exchange it. I think I'll at least do that.

Thanks in advance for the help!
So, nevermind!! It's working fine now. Operator error, maybe, or the machine just needed to be shot down and restarted.

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