Recorded media on a CDRW900 doesn't sound the same on a CD160

Alain Filion

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Dec 24, 2014
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CDRW900 / CD160
Hi folks

Been recording for years - so I'm not a newbie in the business ...

Media recorded on a Tascam CDRW 900 doesn't sound the same when played on a Tascam CD160
although the line equalizing of the 160 is matching like the 900.
Even if I do correct the equalizing or add gain to the CD160 console line at playback, the sound is not the same.

The same cable grade is used for both devices,
The two devices are played thru the same Yamaha console - which is in real good condition

The sound difference is like the audio difference between 128kbps encoding vs a 320 kbps encoding

Any idea why ?


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