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Aug 21, 2013
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I'm not sure if this is the right section, but this is the best place I could find.
In a few days time I'm going to be recording an air show by the beach, I've got a DIY dead cat I made from loft insulation, and I'm using a Tascam DR-05.
My question is, what level mode should I use?
If I use manual, the sound level differences will be so huge that it'll go from clipping to silent in a few seconds. If I use auto leveling, I'll still get loads of clipping with the big jets, and when there's nothing I'll get the background noise coming up.
What do you guys recommend? :?:
Whatever you do, record to a 24-bit lossless format. Then try to manually set the maximum level to below 0 dB - no clipping - and keep the dynamics. 24 bits is more than enough to even keep the 'silence' and still get the loud without clipping. Later on in a DAW you can manipulate the recording any way you want, but auto levelling can't be undone.
Thanks, I'll do that. I still feel like the upper limits are going to be too high though. There's going to be a Typoon flying, and those things are ear-drum-breakingly loud. Hopefully I'll be able to get the full range in.

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