Recording backing track on tascam dp32

Graham Richardson

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Sep 25, 2014
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Tascam dp32
Hi all just received my new tascam dp 32. So lots of questions !
I want to put a pre recorded mp3 backing track on track number 1, I put the headphone out from iPod into track 1 and recorded. Is that the best way to do it ?

I just thought its digital on iPod then it gets converted to analogue from output of headphones then back to digital in tascam? Is there a way to keep it digital from iPod or computer into the tascam ?

Does it matter ? Will I lose any thing in the way I'm doing it ? Thanks
I just thought it would be in mono I did it into track 1 ?
so how could I transfer a stereo backing track from ipod or pc onto tascam do 24 ? If I have to do it out of headphone socket could I get a splitter from ipod and split the left right and record them in stereo on a stereo track ?
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