Recording live bands with tascam DR-60D


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May 5, 2014
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Totally new to the audio side of things. Bought a Tascam DR-60D to record bands from the board and then synch to my video with PluralEyes 3. It works great if it's an acoustic solo or duo, but with a full electric band, there's a definite need for something more. Vocals are usually buried. I have about four reshoots to do because my audio was terrible.

So what are my options? Can I edit the audio that I have already? Or do I need to be using some kind of mixing program before the Tascam? From what I'm gathering... what the board does to make it sound great in the venue, isn't the same as what will go into the Tascam. Which I thought otherwise. Since I'm running two video cams during a shoot, I can't also monitor the Tascam, so I have someone else do that. The levels are good on the display. It's not clipping, but it's also not low. Then when I get it home and listen to it... it's always low on the sound, and many times, the vocals are buried.

Any suggestions from you more experienced sound folks here? I would definitely appreciate any advice and suggestions I could get. Thanks,

What live sounds mixers do is make the total sound in the venue good. That usually means adding to what already comes off stage directly. If guitar amps, bass amps or vocal monitors are loud on (and from) stage, they need less amplification from FOH, so you hardly ever get a nice balanced mix.

I don't know the DR60D, but if I'm correct it records 4 tracks. You could speak to the live sound guy and see if you can get a separate vocal stem (stereo mix of all vocals) next to the rest in stereo. Then after the fact you can mix these two again. About the low level: if you record at 24-bit (and if it's possible you should) it's always better to have it a bit low - clipping can never be undone.
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I have since gotten Adobe Audition to help fix some of the bad feeds that I've gotten. It's not good enough to charge for the recorded set, but at least I can post a song or two on the band's website. It's better than a cell phone recording anyway. LOL

I've also gotten Audacity, and have been told that mixing before the Tascam is the way to go. I am having a sound engineer teach my son how to run this. He's more the musician/sound person that I am. I'm the visuals. So hopefully our next endeavor will look AND sound great. Thanks.

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