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Feb 14, 2014
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DP 8003x
I accidentally erased a 90 minute wav file of a live musical performance. I had mixed it down, but two minutes from the end of mastering, the 008ex told me the 16gb card was full. In erasing other songs (which I did on the computer) to make room, I apparently erased the file I had recorded.
Is there any way to retrieve that wav file without paying somebody huge bucks to do it? I have both a mac and windows machine to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If the card was full and you wrote new files to it after deleting the old ones, then it's unlikely that anything can be done to recover them without hiring a data forensics company (and their chance of success is probably minimal too).

If you just deleted the files and left the card alone, then it's possible the data is still there. You can try any software that offers an "undelete" function--search Google for whatever looks most reliable/least spammy to you or (in the case of commercial software) has a fully functional trial period.
Thank you for the input on this. I used Recuva and downloaded some of the files, but they aren't able to be played on my Mac or PC. It was a good try, but I think the files are gone. Thank you again for your info.
i probably can't help, but If you delete a file on a computer, you don't actually delete the file, you only delete the first few descriptors attached . Free programs are available which can recover these things. Recover My Files is one I have used. If you continue to use a disk or a SD card that is full, it will start to overwrite these hidden files. Sometimes you can be lucky, sometimes not. The program will tell you the chances of recovery when you scan the disk/card. Good luck.

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