Remix Project Cover - DJ tool for Microsoft Surface tablets

Discussion in 'DJ Central' started by DJ X, Oct 3, 2013.

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    Microsoft seems to be getting serious about its Surface tablets with a few new cover attachments they announced last week. One of them is called the Remix Cover Project. It's supposed to emulate a physical DJ tool with buttons, sliders, and keys.

    At first I thought it was more of an entertainment app intended for home users, but Microsoft is reportedly seeding it to professional DJs for beta testing, so they might mean business.

    First impressions seem to be positive. What do you guys think?

    Surface Remix Project: hands-on with Microsoft's crazy new DJ tool


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    Re: Remix Project Cover - DJ tool for Microsoft Surface tabl

    I have used my iPad with DJAY, my 55" touchscreen with Virtual Dj, and a controller.

    It may be that I need to use them a lot more to gain muscle memory, but I find myself causing faders to jump and platters to glitch with a touch interface. Having real knobs and platters makes things smoother and faster for me.

    Using the ipad when chilling at friends is nice. Lets me have some fun when I'm in the mood to mix without bringing a whole kit.

    The 55" is awesome at home. Nothing to hook up or take up space in the living room. Lets me work on sets and do karaoke in the house. Again, without the whole kit. And the WOW factor is great.

    But for professional work, I still want the knobs at this time.