Replaced 244 belts, now I have more problems


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Sep 6, 2018
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Tascam 244
So I recently got myself a 244. Had a few issues off the bat (stop doesn’t work, although pause does, fast forward also doesn’t work). It had some generic rubber bands instead of the belts, so I replaced them with the proper belts. Now I’m having even more issues. Capstan belt slips off even though it’s a much tighter fit than the rubber band I replaced, and the play/record heads stay on preventing me from using any other function, but it doesn’t actually play the tape during this.

Help greatly appreciated.
If the belt slips off then it can not be the right belt. A correct belt will have the right tension and width to allow it to ride on the crown of the pulley transferring the torque to the deck so that the functions do work. Reel drive although related to the same transport is sometimes handled by a separate motor. maybe not on this early unit.
The function switches probably just need new tact switches installed and I stock them here. it is a common failure even in the 90's.

The belt tightness is not always the subject you want but the right width is required. This is dictated to the repairman by the size of the motor pulley. Too wide a belt will not allow it to ride and it will jump the pulley, too thin a belt and it will not be able to center on the crown of the pulley. A belt is not just a belt but they have specs to them.
The belt doesn’t slip right off, but it rides up onto the raised edge. I have the original belt, this one is identical. The elastic band did the same thing, but the deck was still able to function. Right now all it does is play back and forth so the tape winds onto the guide wheel, destroying the tape :-(

Do you have a store for 4-track parts?
Ok so I got the belt positioned properly, and I know what the function problem is. The motor that drives the smaller function belt just turns back and forth, and won’t stop until powered down. So all that happens when the unit is on is the play/record heads constantly move up and down.

I don’t understand it because I didn’t have this problem before. All I did was put it in the box for a few weeks while I waited for the new belts to arrive.
I also have this problem. The transport motor does not shut off and constantly moves the transport up and down.

Skywave, I would also like to know if you have an online store, or if I should contact you directly for parts! Very excited to hear that there is a real professional out there still working on this stuff!
I also have the Tascam 244. Cleaned, Replaced belts & rollers.
My problem is that capstan motor stays on pulling tape while
control motor is off. “HELP” !! Please …. Lol !

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