Replacement Belt Clip for DR-10L

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Apr 5, 2023
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DR-10L DR-60D II
Where can I buy a replacement belt clip for a Tascam DR-10L (My unit is black, if that makes a difference...)

I tried interrogating the usual suspects (google, ebay, amazon) and I got nothing. Honest.

I looked in the manual and couldn't even find a part number for it.

Thanks in advance.
So I heard back from Tascam parts department and they provided me with the following info:

The belt holder in color black is p/n M03722300C for $8.78.

The belt holder in color white is p/n M03722380A for $11.55.

Plus tax and shipping. Guess I will try ordering tomorrow. The phone number for the parts department is 323-727-4840
and in which country are you talking about? I don't know if you know, but not everyone is from you know, there.....:)
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which country
That’s a US number.
You have to forgive us Ugly Americans…collectively, we’re like a retarded, egocentric, ADHD toddler. The entire world revolves around us and no one else enters our perception of existence!!!:rolleyes:
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Amazing that they don't even have a toll free number. All the more so considering that they are so cheap, even I have one for personal use.
Sorry, yes, that is a USA Telephone Number.

Don't know if the part numbers are the same in different countries or not.
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