Retired my MX2424's


Sep 25, 2012
Fremantle, Western Australia
Gear owned
M3700 MX2424 MSR16S
Hi All,

After using MX2424's for more years then I can remember, I bought my first one when they were released, I have finally retired them (I have 3).

The main reason is that my SCSI drives are becoming less reliable due to age, I own a lot, about 40 of them, but during sessions I have been getting media too slow messages more often. New drives are now expensive due to not being around anymore so time to move on. Reliability is important as I have client projects and I can afford to loose their work due to drive problems, I do back up a lot but things can still be lost during sessions. Due to the fact that my MX's have analog cards and ADAT cards they can be used as ADAT interfaces which is handy if needed, so maybe semi retired LOL.

What did I replace them with? A Presonus Quantum 4848 interface thunderbolted into a MAC mini M1 silicon, with a LaCie drive Raid. Funny thing is that this setup is about a 1/3rd of the price of 1 x MX with analog card when they were released and that's 1990's prices.

I still use my Tascam M3700 in the studio so 32 channels of monitoring during tracking is still happening, the way I like to work.

Anyway I have had almost 30 years of using MX's and that includes Beta testing software changes in the early days. I have copies of all manuals and documents and schematics. So I am still happy to answer any questions about the MX where I can and I'll still drop by for a read of the forum.

Hi Alan

What schematics do you have?
I still have two units and would like to have as much documentation as I can, just in case.
Thank you being a valuable resource for all of us all these years on this forum.

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Thanks again Alan
Very nice of you to take the time to help.

Please email me a link to your Dropbox as I have problems with the MX View on Windows XP. I have MX-2424.

I’ve been trying for a while to get it working…

I want to record sessions and then load them via USB drive in another system with a DAW. Also I want to be able to load a project from the XP computer into the Tascam. Is that all possible?

Thank you!
That is kind of possible. But you will need to use MXview to download & upload the files from the MX via the ethernet port, which is a bit painfully slow. To get the files on usb you will need to transfer the downloaded file onto the USB stick.

I use an RME raydat & record the tracks realtime into pro tools via ADAT which is a lot quicker. I then use the MX as a DA converter for mixing through my console.
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Thanks Rob!

I just succeeded to get everything running on Windows VISTA!!!

Windows XP - still not working!

*) Installed “ViewNet Audio” (downloaded from
Unzip folder, Install JRE 1.1.8, Install ViewNet, make shortcut to the desktop manually.

*) Installed “MX View” 1.4 (from the European site of Tascam)

*) Set up IP address and Subnet Mask in local area network.

*) Restart both machines, plug in the CaT5 cable, turn ON the Tascam, turn ON the computer, start the programs.

The process is absolutely disgusting, There are many small things that are really aggravating and not all functions of the programs work…
Next issue I have is this:

I have the "MX View", "ViewNet Audio" installed and working on Windows Vista now but
*) only to see the catalog on the recorder,
*) to play recordings and
*) to transfer files from the recorder to the computer.

When I send .wav file from my computer to the MX-2424 via Ethernet connection it starts the transfer normal (the HD starts to write and make noise and the light flashes...) and when done I get a message "transfer was successful" AND THEN I get a message "connection lost", the recorder becomes unresponsive and the file is nowhere to be found on the recorder AFTER restart...

Any suggestions, please...


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