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Jun 2, 2014
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Some mercy soul can help a newbie?
The Routing Menu of the DM 3200 is something that needs some days of meditation first.
Someone with a step by step instruction for me.
Please help


Agreed with your comments! How can I help?
From your subject I believe you are asking.." How do I send the signal from my 2TRK in directly to my monitors?
Answer to that is can't
You Have to bring the 2Trk in to the board and assign it to two input channels on the DM. Then you will have to assign those two channels to the DM's STEREO buss and then assign the stereo buss to your CR outputs. Plug your monitors into the CR outputs. Move the stereo buss fader up to unity, and move the CR knob for volume control.
Need more detail? Let me know..
Hi man, thanks.
Ok, the job is simple: I just want to get an external signal to the studio monitor.
I know the learning curve is great, but once you get the hang of it, it's not that bad. There are just a million options. Tell me a few things...
1) What are you trying to plug in?
2) How are your monitors setup (active? 1/4" TRS into the CR outs? XLR into the main out? etc.)
3) Do you know where the routing button is? That's one you are going to need to be very familiar with...
Ok, did the mistake and order DM3200 without Firewire, but its on the way now.
So now the DM3200 is nothing else as a remote control for Nuendo6 that runs with a Focusrite Saffire 6 usb. I need to play the O-Ton of the movie to the studio room. So I just want to get the signal from the Saffire (maybe with the headphone jack as a temporary solution) to the studio.
Your saffire has 1/4" jacks on the back for outputs. Do you have 1/4" cables? I am only asking, because you originally asked how to use the 2TRK in, which is RCA. If you do, this would be a better way to plug this in.
The Main outputs at the back of the Focusrite goes to the Genelec speaker. Unfortunately, if they are in use, the -10db Cinch jacks gives you nothing anymore. Only option, use the headphone jack.
So you want to use your Genelecs and send a signal out to the DM? Via the headphone jack?
OK, well, I am guessing that you have a Y adaptor to split the 1/4" headphone output to two RCA (cinch) jacks. Is that correct?

Would you consider unplugging your Genelecs from the back of the unit and plugging them into your DM's CR outputs? Then plugging the 1/4" outputs directly into the DM's analog inputs?
This could be a deal. Main out from the Focusrite into 2 channels of the DM and Monitor Output of DM to the Genelec.
OK, then do this with your DM off:
1) Plug your Genelecs directly into your 1/4" CR outputs from the DM
2) Find your CR knob and turn it all the way down.
3) Plug your main outputs from your Focusrite into a pair of Line In jacks using any two channels you want. Just for the hell of it, lets use channels 15 and 16.
4) look just above the gain knob on channels 15 and 16, you will see a slide switch that says "0...-20...line" Slide that over to "line". Turn your gain knobs all the down to zero.
5) turn on your DM and make sure your Genelecs are on and set to a nominal and matching volume level.

Now you have the physical connections done...
But first, a few simple setup things, just to make sure you have stuff setup properly...

1) Above faders 15 and 16 you will see three buttons, one of which is labeled SEL. That will Select that channel so that you can do stuff with it (lights up Green). Press SEL on channel 15.
2) With Channel 15 Selected, look up to the left of your display screen next to the dark gray area of buttons. You will see a button labeled STEREO. Press that so that it lights up. You have just sent CH15 to the Stereo Buss.
3) Do exactly the same thing with Ch16.
4) Now, to the RIGHT of the main output LED meter lights, you will see another button labeled STEREO. Press that so it lights up as well.
5) IF you want to use the Focusrite as a stereo source (like a stereo soundtrack from the movie) then you will need to "link" channels 15 and 16. If you want to use each channel individually (like if you want to record a mic in one channel and a guitar in the other) you would not do this. To "link" the channels together, hit SEL on both channels at the same time. Now, in your display you will get a message asking if you want to link the channels. Hit ENTER next to the jog wheel to link them. Now your PAN works as a stereo balance knob, instead of an individual channel mono pan knob.

Ok, on to the routing stuff.....

1) hit ALT/ROUTING/INPUT tab (bottom left). Use the left button below the display to select the input tab. Hopefully you show M/L 1 to 16 already entered as input assignments to your DM input channels 1-16 on layer 1. If you do, then move on. if not, let me know.
2) hit ALT/MONITOR/MONITOR tab. Use the arrow keys to select your Studio Setup output. Use the jog wheel to select STEREO and select the radio button. hit enter.

Now, to play something out of your Focusrite. turn your Focusrite output knob up about halfway. Now put your ch15 and 16 faders, as well as your STEREO buss fader, up to unity and turn your gain knobs for 15 and 16 up a bit, making sure they match. Now turn up your CR output knob. You should have sound.
Hi man, nice to know such helpful guys out there.
Thank you so much getting into it.

I'll clink to that with a Knob Creek 120 on the rocks!
Yeah, but I chase it with MadDog 20/20.:eek:
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Another One.
Now I have channel 1 with my O-Ton.
I want to play that into the Studio loudspeaker.
I set on Ch1 Aux1 to full.
In Monitor > Monitor > Studio Setup> Output
i set to Aux 1-2.
But I don't hear anything.
TB works fine to the Studio. Anything else, nothing to hear.
Help, please.

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