Routing an Extenal effects unit on a DM4800


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Apr 30, 2013
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Dear DM Gurus,

I am trying to help a colleague who is trying to use a external Lexicon Reverb unit .
If he connects it to 1 and 2 Send/ Return it works but attempting to use it connected to any of the channels does not - all you can monitor is the Dry signal only - the signal does not appear to being routed out of the desk and to the Lexicon.

Is he missing something or or we both being dumb- I believe that we are not understanding the routing .

Your expertise and feedback will be greatly appreciated to resolve this..
Are you plugging the Lexicon into the channels in question with a "Y" type insert cable?
Just to add to my last reply, the Lexicon has 2 separate modules- And B and am using A into 1and 2 and B to 3and 4.

I have tried swapping and the result is the same. Have also tried using other channels- i.e 5 and 6, 9 and 10.

Result is the same- only 1and 2 work.
All you need is an insert cable or Y cable. Works for me, but I prefer using the sends and returns. If your not using them all the sends/returns its a good way to go.


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