Routing for firewire in dm4800 . solutions but more question


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Jun 23, 2013
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:shock: Hi everyone, this is anniedog and i am really stumped after one week (90 hrs.) t of researching , and constructing flowcharts trying to grasp the limited amount of tutorial information on the Tascam DM4800 on You tube , The WWW and in the manuals.
I joined the Tascam Forums recently as I bought a Tascam
used DM 4800. I am quite intimidated by this new set up and wonder if anyone would be so kind as to help me out ?I I
have read the manuals and also read through this forum information but I still am missing the boat on this. I have not used a hardware digital mixer like this one ever I had previously been using a Fire Wire intreface card (2 RME UFXs + extra preamp. Is then mixed ITB.
I wanted more hands on control, the look of a console for my clients and more i/o. for digital and analog as well as a surface controller for my DAW ,so I changed to the Tascam DM4800 as I have read good reports of it's quality build and sound.
I have a number of questions please for anyone able and kind enough to help me with.
First I will list what I have gained so far for anyone else that may need this information.
Please note I may be off base with some of this so please correct me if I am wrong and I apologize in advance.

OUT Put Routing SLOT-1 OUT (Fire Wire Card)
.Purple color around Alt Key (right side of mixer midway up by screen)
I press the Alt key to Latch it, which turns on an orange LED above it when it is latched.
This allows me to select menu keys with alt functions ( Keys surrounded by purple color) are dual function.
1st function is selected when Alt key is off .
the two functions ar listed above keys (In white Paint for Alt off) (in purple paint for Alt on) Note: may be more blue in color than purple as I am away from board at this time ,sorry..
second function when Alt Key is Latched (orange LED is lIt Above it
I select Alt Key to latch
press routing key
Since I am using the fire wire card s lot it is located in "Slot-1" on the back of the mixer.
I select The "Slot out Tab " displayed at the bottom of the routing screen, with the POD 3 Key . (third key from the left under the the screen above pod 3 rotate knob)
under routing
"Slot out tab"

miiddle column on routing screen as shows

o slot-1-ch 1-8 ( with the o being a check off box to select this)
o slot-1 ch 9-16
o slot-1 ch 16-24.
o slot-1 ch 21-32

Note only Channels 1-24 have pre amps built in

Column on the the far right


Various signal sources listed in a two column screen ie tidif-1 All
tidif-2 Buss Direct
tidif- 3 card slot
under that column is an "input Bypass section
To use the routing of mic line input going through A/D converters direct to the Fire Wiire out ,select the square beside M/L in this area..

routing here then is Pre amp to converter to firewire to input in computer DAW.

To the left side of this same screen is a column with 8 changeable selections.
from top to bottom .
We see slot-1 as a header
in the columns we must change all individually to M/L 1-8
[b Card ]Sot-1 out [/b] middle column
M/L CH-1 o slot-1 Ch 1-8 (dot in circle to select press enter)
M/L CH -2
M/L Ch-3
M/L CH 4
ML /CH 5
M/L CH 7
m/L CH 8

This is how one to 8 are selected individually .
select o Slot-1 Ch-1-CH 8
press enter
use arrow keys on screen to get to left column
turn large wheel to select M/L in each space
move up and down with arrow keys on screen.
NOTE: An alternate method in the left column is to move arrows down to Blue colored "Batch" are and press enter . This will set up M/L from 1-8.

now one must set up 9-17 in the same manner.

use Pod 2 to return to middle column
key to
slot-1 out CH 9- CH 17 o Slot-1 CH 9 Ch17

use arrows to get bake to left column and set all at
Card Slot-1
M/L CH 9
M/L CH 10
M/L CH 11
M/L CH 12
M/L CH 13
M/L CH 14
M/L CH 16
M/L Ch 17

Again you can use The batch to set all in order of 1-8 at the sametime
or in this 9-17

repeat for o slot-1 CH 17- CH 24
0 slot -1 Ch 25 CH 32

This is all under Alt
card out tab
Right hand middle of DM4800

It connects mic line in t(pre amp) A/D converter to firewire out from tascam to computer in by supplying up to 32 individual inputs to your DAW software on the Computer. This is all Pre fader ,Pre Eq Pre dynamics .
Just direct from converter to firewire out

Hope I got this right please feel free to add or correct me if I am wrong !n Hope it also helps someone else.

I fear my questions will require much more then the above for me to understand.

Question 1 : In routing screen haw to set and what are the settings for the (Output Tab) ?
I think it must be the analog outs some how. PLease help Very Confused.

Question 2: The input settings tab: Are these the inputs into the the tascam dm4800 ?

Question 3 Is the Inp section above the RTN The mic /line selector into the mixer and how does this differ from from the slot card out settings?I
the Return setting below the INP setting the place to select the return firewire channels to return to the mixer ?

Question 4 What are my options in theses settings and is the signal pre or post fader.
Below are the settins I need for my Recording set up I want to be able to switch scenerios quickly depending on the project . they all involve the slot -1 firewire going too and coming from the computer in various configurations. would love it if anyone has any screen shots of theses.

MY recording set up needs :
I want to track on my computer using the low latency of the board to monitor my inputs and playback returns by routing my return fire wire signal to allow for adjustable discrete head phone mixes for the talent for overdub , with non printed reverb for color for the vocal talent. sound of talent and tracks to studio monitors I want to set up basically 24 M/L inputs in
FW to from the Mixer to the DAW, 8 variable inputs from The Tascam to the DAW 32 outputs over fire wire from the Daw to the tascam (using DP 8 PC) or PT 10 or 11 PC 64 bit.
Usuall I would use the above but as an alternative if possible:

I would like to know how to change direct FW into DAW prost fader to M/L then to FW after using Tascam board features ie Dynamics,EQ, Fader Effects then send fw channels to DAW. on 32 Channels via slot- 1
In other words, Track and print with channel strip, Fat Channel and Effects from Tascam.
Would anyone be so kind as to share a routing diagram orv step by stem for this please.

Mixing OTB
I need to learn how to set up to receive FW channels from the DAW to the Tascanm DM 4800 over the Firewire slot-1
Sometimes 32 back from computer to Tascam for mix OTB. then back to Daw for stereo monitoring and mastering. Please help if anyone has routing.

Tracking with Talent
.I need to know how to recieve firewire channels back from Daw to Tascam for monitoring over dubbing and to let the talent here a balanced mix with non printed effects in vocalists cans for tracking.

I need to learn how to set up sending mixed stereo bus back over fire wire from tascam to DAW for mastering. and monitoring through stereo buss on Tascam

I need to learn How to MITB and monitor stereo out on the tascam.
Screen shots of this type of various routing would be verey helpful to nme and I thank you all in advance

Saving projects to flash card
When I go to card page I am having difficulty getting my routing and other parameters to save to a card. I might be missing the concept of snapshot and project .( When I Try to save something I get "this is a protected area warning")
I managed to save three different project names on my computer via the usb software but they just seem to be overwritten when I try to load them. I thing the left and right side of this project screen is confusing me. Any advice would be welcome.

Selecting sample rate and word length

Sample rate ! Ilke to keep my sample rate high throughout the project ( 24/88) and then convert to (44/16 by dither for the master to go to CD . I use a 32 bit floating point in my DAW software for extra headroom with plugins. How do I quickly change sample rate on the tacam to switch back sample rates and bit word length for monitoring purposes?
Is there a short cut to switch ? ASIO switch to WWM and back with FF driver


In am using windows 7 64 bit and am currently experimenting with different soft ware DAWS as the latest PT 11/Pace mess up stole my dongle licences. I am currently demoing DP 8 64 for windows and quite like it so far.
Iwas trying to set up surface control for it the other night and I ran into a few issues . I do not know if it is on the Tascam side or the DAW side .
1) i go to remote set up on tascam
2) Have tried both HUI emulation and MACKIE Controle mulation with dot inn tra radio selected.

3 move over a tab to the right select Mackie control for Dp . line comes up
"Mackie control for DP 1-24 ch
I ensure all blue and dot is in record button
use 4th pod Knob to roll up to select dp Mackie control 1-24
press enter
get Mackie control screen for dp

i go to DP
Select setup
Control surface
Select Mackie control
Add tascam4800 out 5 tascam 4800 in 5 press enter
series of numbers and letters on tascam screen appear in first row of DP mackie control screen fis letter of all 8 square starts with a
I now have faders 1-8 controling DP from board anf faders 1through 8 on DP controlling Tascam Faders 1 through 8 YEA!!
Repeat above
I go back to the BP add a 2nd Mackie control
Tascam DM 4800 in 6 Tascam DM 4800 out 6 enter

Now I have a second line in row two of the Tascam screen the same as the first with the first letter starting at A
when I move fader on on the Tascam Faders 1 and 9 move
When I move fader one on the DP faders 1 and 9 move on the Tascam
When I move fader 9 on the Tascam nothing happens.
Ihave added the third Mackie control naming it in and out Tasxam DM 7 and then I get a thirline the same on the Tascam and 3 faders moving.
Ihave tried reversing the numbers 7-5 aqs I understand these or the USB port number s but all I get is 1 starting at 8. Have I missed something here?!

Good news is transport works.!
Usb software set at Tascam DM48 on computer screen , up and running and with both MTC checked and unchecked. No Difference .
Anyone with any info on this I would be very grateful for your help.

Can I set up short cuts for my different routings and sample rates and have it all come up as one. If so How is it done?
Are control settings saved with project or are the global?

Suggestions if I may. I am sure These have been mentioned in the past but I tout I would put my 2 cents worth in.

It would be so nice to have a full video tutorial on this machine that pieces the parts we already have together with those parts we don't have in a logical easy to understand video format. with screen shots for various scenarios both Mac and PC generic and after offer set up with various DAWs adding on to the basic concepts in the first video various DAWs . I would be wiling to pay up to $200.00 CD for such a prize. I really don't understand Why tascam could not have offered this even if it was an extra. I understand language might be a big issue but if it was a commercial product the cost of translation could be added on and shared by all users in the price. Sources for upgrades, tweaks,parts After marked add ons could also be used as advertising to help pay for the project. Just a thought there must be some wizards out there with an great Idea for this kind of product. It would help keep the product alive and allow sourcing of resources to improve it. For example there is a company that does total make overs and up grades of Sound Craft Ghosts. I guess thev just smoke when they are finished and they are not too expensive. The ability to improve the Board IE , Big Screen, Mouse control, Color screen capability? May be cheaper then a new board and better. I called tascam in the USA last week for some help. The guy was nice but not too helpful. I asked him "the Question" Are you guys going to be still making this board and supporting it.? He hesitated and said " We are currently making it but the will be parts and service available after we stop making it " I got the impression that the manufacturing of this board is going to be short lived. It would now be an excellent time to find an audio electronics company to take on after market upgrades refurbishing , modernization ie MADI card or thunderbolt 2 card to fit slots
External PS New modern converters to 192. smart software menu

Thanks for all your anticipated help .
I hope the information I presented can help someone.
Sorry for the long post.!


Windows 7 64 Pro
DP for windows 8.4 64 Bit
UA Quad PCIe card

ASUS x79 pro MB
LG 2011 socket
i7 6 core 32 ghz intel CPU (12 virtual cores)
. 64 gigs of 1600 DDR3 RAM
3 SATA 3 TB Drives.
Thank you all Again So Much
Annie Dog
Edmonton Alberta Canada. :)
Re: Routing for firewire in dm4800 . solutions but more ques

You have too many questions Annie, you need to do your homework and read the manual and many of the questions have already been answered here. But I can give you a couple pointers. How about routing.

There are two assignable inputs to each channel, the "input" and the "return" side. You typically assign the top input row from mic/line ins, and the bottom row from the firewire card returns from DAW (or wherever your returns might be coming from.) On playback, your can "flip" from mic ins to firewire returns in groups of 8 using the "Source invert" button. (see your manual pdf DM-4800_OM_B page 59 figure 4.1)

You said you wanted to go to to firewire direct from the micpres, prefader, preeq, etc. You have to do this on the "output slot" routing screen using the "input bypass" routing. (OM page 61 figure 4.2) You select the source as your miclines and assign them to your firewire card ins. I also select my stereo mix as an input to FW ch31 ch32. That way I track my mix, unless I need the tracks.

You also assign the miclines to your channels, with the firewire card as the returns. I also return the ch31/32 mix into a control room select" ext. monitor button ( see OM page page 67 figure 4.8. Assign each channel to the 2 buss for a stereo mix.
Re: Routing for firewire in dm4800 . solutions but more ques

I agree with Will, this is waaay too much for one post. I didn't read it all because just the amount of text is too much of a hurdle. Split your post into different concise questions as their own topic, and people will try to help.

In the meantime, Capt. Dan wrote a nice post on starting up routing: DM Routing Zen

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