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Oct 31, 2012
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dm 3200
ok guys so what I'm doing is I want to mix OTB using the dm3200 and then send a stereo signal back into pro tools. what i have is 23 tracks of audio, tracks 1-23 or going to outputs 1-23 of the firewire interface, i have it set up where slot inputs 1-32 or assigned to inputs 1-32 on the board. i have all of my levels, now i want to send each track to a stereo pair of outputs and run that through a stereo buss aux in pro tools. how can i do this? i used the output assign and assigned each track to buss 1-2. i assigned the buss to the stereo buss on the board and everything was mono, i then went into setup on the module screen and panned buss 1 and 2 left and right, but i have no pan control, for example i have a lead vocal assigned to buss 1 and 2, but when i try to pan it left or right it doesn't do anything, but it goes left if i just assign it to buss 1 and right if assigned to buss 2. so thats thats my main 2 problems how can i assign my tracks to 2 outputs, still have panning control, and run that back to pro tools and then pro tools will send that through outputs 31-32 as my monitor inputs.
If you want to use two busses (1 and 2) as a stereo pair, you must:
- link the two busses (press SEL 1 and 2 in the Buss layer followed by Enter)
- join the busses for panning, by holding down Shift en pressing 1 or 2 of the assign buttons (channel layer 1-24)
- select Buss pan follows ST pan in the preferences screen
- assign busses 1 and 2 to the Stereo buss

But why not skip the busses 1 and 2 and assign channels 1 to 23 all to the Stereo buss? And then use output slot 1 25-26 for Stereo-L and Stereo-R to go back into PT. That is what I do in Cubase.
Alright cool ill try that! yea I talked to support guy at tascam and he said that the pan doesnt follow whem you assign to the busses and there was no way to do. Wtf? But thanks man. Its a shame that someone who just uses the board knows more tham someone who works at support, and I didnt think to route the stereo buss back into pro tools because I didnt think you could do that. But ill try it out! Thanks dude

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