Sample rate problem with UH-7000

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  1. tkaitkai

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    Jan 2022
    Hey all,

    Just acquired a UH-7000 and the sound is absolutely mindblowing for what I paid for it.

    That said, I'm having a bit of an issue:

    I'm using an external ADC (Lavry Blue 4496) via the AES input on the Tascam. Everything works fine except when I try to do 96 kHz.

    All other sample rates available on the Lavry work fine (44.1, 48, 88.2). When I set the Lavry to 88.2, for example, the "44.1" and "x2" indicators both light up.

    But when I do 96, it just goes back to 48, "x2" doesn't light up, and the sound gets all garbled and distorted.

    I have the Sample Clock Source set to Automatic and the Digital Input Status says "Valid Signal."

    I'm on MacOS Sierra 10.12.3, running the correct drivers/firmware for Sierra. Is there something I'm missing here?

    Thanks so much!