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Apr 9, 2013
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2488 Neo
I've stumbled upon a mild inconvenience.
In a few days the band and I are going to record all the new ideas for the new album. I was going to load a new song for every new (finished) idea, but then I noticed that 'you cannot recall any scenes from another song, and there aren't any eq, pan or send presets possible (to load or save). Therefore, every time I create a new song I'll have to set-up all the eq's and track settings all over again for the same instrument and mic placement??????

Is there any way round this time consuming, albeit small, problem?

I'd be grateful for any help on the matter.

Thanks guys
Hi, one way would be to create a song with all the pan / EQ/ /effects, etc set as needed and save it. Then make a number of copies of that song and rename them to match the songs you intend to record. Then each time you start a new song load up one of the renamed copies.

Damn RealTime, I guess you nailed it there.
Why didn't I think of that.:oops:
It's exactly what I'm going to do. Thanks a lot.
Greetings from Belgium.

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