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Aug 12, 2015
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I have a DP-01FX/CD & the line 1 MIC/GUITAR switch is going. Now only the guitar side works. Where can I find a schematic? Or, anyone have recommendations for the TASCAM repair service in Montebello, CA?
Thanks, Paul
Before tearing the unit apart, I would suggest you simply spray the switch with a good contact cleaner/lube... Specifically Caig DeOxIt D5. (Don't use that alcohol based crap from Radio Shack, Walgeens, etc.)

Just yesterday I had another D5 miracle: the power supply and output switch for my Line 6 Variax started making ugly, bad connection noise. I opened it, sprayed the switches and jacks, and the unit returned to blessed silence. It's an electronic repair kit in a can.
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Deoxit is capable of many good things. In a high current type switch and I am not familiar with the Variax device. If it is just for audio then you did well. If it was crackling like a larger power switch the Deoxit will be burned away shortly. You will need a new power switch or better yet to install a solid state switch that has no contacts. I have to use Deoxit on almost all switches and pots on older Porta studio mixer sections when brought in and that is no easy task. The mixer section has to be taken out of the case.
The people in CA that fix these just change out boards most of the time. If it is out of warranty they will charge you enough to buy a new one. That is why these fall into the throw away category which this world is falling into. There are very few component level repair people left and some things are never designed to be repaired (Akai products). Changing a board is not a repair it is a massive part replacement- almost an Orangutang can do it.

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