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Oct 22, 2012
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Hiya, I am a relatively new DM4800 user, I love this desk, however the one glaring omission is the inclusion of a scribble strip! Have any of you guys got a decent solution other than masking tape and a sharpie?
If you set up the remote/HUI features for your DAW (assuming you use one instead of a hardware recorder), the track names you've specified in the DAW will appear as 'scribble' strips on the LCD when you activate the Remote Layer. You can then scroll through these in banks (8 or 16 at a time), using the keys in the DM's machine control section.

However, this doesn't happen for out-of-the-box channels - ie - those routed to the DM's physical layers. Therefore, you're stuck with three options:

1. 'Classic' tape and sharpie
2. Simple memorization of the channel layout (it helps to use a standard template)
3. Refering to your DAW's track array to determine DM channel inputs.

Some engineers also use track sheets - a bit of a pain in the neck (literally), but lacking anything else, these are your choices. Best I can determine.

Captain, you reminded me of something: The DM Markup Sheet that was designed by someone on the old forum. I put a copy in the Documentation section (it may be a version I adapted for my own use). I use this especially to prepare recording sessions - writing down mic/line used, phantom on/off, pad on/off, mic position etc. Maybe someone finds it's useful..
The DM Markup Sheet that was designed by someone on the old forum.

That was in the back of my mind when I wrote my previous post. Couldn't remember the exact name of the sheet, but I thank you for jarring my memory and making the sheet availabe here.


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