Series 208 - great sound

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    Nov 2020
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    Model 12, DR-40X
    I finally had a chance to try tracking with the Series 208 and DynaPre combo. Wow! Really great sounding.

    I must say the tracks I captured sound great, possibly s bit better than my Model 12 in the same room/same band

    - Word clock set so that the Series 208 is master, and DynaPre as slave
    - Used the 4 pre's on the Series for vocals with a send from the firmware's mixer to a PA for monitoring "live" - took some tweaking but worked really well, sounded great, absolutely no latency
    - Drums, Bass, Guitar and keys thru the Dyna... those pre amps are really good - they add a little something to the party

    I will say however, hands down the physical aspect of using the DAW was a lot more work. The model series is MUCH better in terms of ease of use in a live setting!
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