Setting up TASCAM DM4800 as I/O Console


Feb 18, 2013
Gear owned
tascam dm4800 ..CD-RWHD1000
hi to all..we have recently purchased the TASCAM DM 4800 with 3 analog cards and Meter Bridge..we will be using the DM4800 with RADAR and will be setting up the console as a traditional InLine analog console hence the following query..
When Tracking, 1-24 input will be "Listen" and 25-48 will be used for "send To Tape" ..
When Mixing 1-24 will be routed to 2 Mix and 25-48 will be used as the Returns for outboard EFX etc. when and As Needed..( we have TT bays connected to all outboard gear and to the DM's Line-Mic & Insert points as well as the 8 Analog I/0's provided on the rear panel)
We would like the Forums opinions-thought's-Direction on how to Set Up - Assign etc. the console to achieve our end Goal of In Line use..
Also..We have noted that a "CLEAR" button is installed but seems to be For clearing Groups only .
does a button or a Menu Command exist that will Clear settings when on a certain page..i.e. Input Page and wanting to Clear the input Channel routing 1-8.

thanks in advance for the Forums consideration


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