Several new DM 4800 questions for PT & LOgic


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Mar 29, 2013
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LOL! The more I know the more questions I get! Here we go!

1. I need to toggle between pro tools and Logic. I was hoping the remote settings in the DM 4800 were project based. But, it does not seem to be that way. I just wanted to confirm that I would still have to change the settings manually, if I wanted to switch to another OS ?

2. In Pro Tools, I'm getting almost a 1 second lag before it starts to play. Where should I look first? I'm going to try a reboot and see what happens.

3. My count in doesn't seem to be working, in Pro Tools. I have it selected, though. I'll look closer, but at the moment, it has me confused.

4. I did not know you can automate plugin settings in PT. That is so cool! (this is going to be a long thread on this topic. I better save this for later).
Question #1: I'm afraid you may not be able to toggle between Logic & PT. As I said before, PT is a jealous lover; it doesn't like sharing drivers. If you're sold on using both DAWs, you may be forced to close one app and launch the other.

Question #2: This could be due to several things. Without knowing (seeing) your HUI/MMC settings on your DM, and the complementing PT settings, I'd only be guessing. Solution: grab some screen shots and upload them to this forum.

Question #3. Likely connected with issue #2. Not sure what you mean by 'count.'

My bad. I I meant 'count down' (1234) before the recording sessionstarts.
Your PT session parameters (including countdown) are set in the 'Session' menu. Tempo is part of the File Operations menus. Quickest way to set tempo is with PT's transport: click on the Metronome icon and type in the BPM. Be sure the 'Conductor' icon is OFF. (When that's enabled, tempo defaults to 120BPM).

If PT doesn't lock up immediately to DM's timecode, the FreeWheel is probably set too high. In the Session menu, set Freewheel to '8.' Do the same on the DM in the Automation menu.

If you're using the 'standard' HUI/PT MMC option on the DM, where the DM RECEIVES MTCode from PT - you'll need to change this to GENerate INternal TImecode when performing DM-controlled automated mixes. That way, PT will receive MTC from the DM.

Ensure that all undesired features like 'Elastic Audio' and Time Warping are disabled when starting new files. These tools can cause annoying issues if you're unaware of their presence.

Two caveats:

1. I know next to nothing about Logic and how its being loaded with PT affects both DAW's behavior.

2. I know even less about Macs. But I have to assume that the DM and PT are set up the same way they are with Win7 PCs.


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