Signal from cubase to DM3200 and back to cubase

Arnold Janssen

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Jul 10, 2014
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Tascam DM3200

I want my stereo output from Cubase 7.5 send to DM3200 en back from DM to a new stereo track in Cubase, so I can have de EQ and dynamic from the DM.
All setting I made to do this are good and when I turn op the volume I have a kind of phaser sound in my new track in Cubase. Strange!!

For the record:

I have channel 9 (L) and 10 (R) on the DM as my returns from cubase.
The output on the DM are set to 9 stereo L and 10 stereo R
In cubase I have a new stereo track (stereo input 9 and 10 )

Is there something I do wrong???
Excuse for my bad english.

Mute the new stereo track in Cubase as you are recording it from the DM. Try that first.
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I've tried this but then there is no signal in my new track.

Are my settings allright so far??
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It sounds like the routing isn't set up properly - I suggest routing the output from the DM to another pair of slot outputs - e.g. 11 and 12 - then set the Cubase inputs to 11 and 12.
Drumstruck, thanks for helping to solve my problem.
I Will try you're suggest, but realy I think that makes no differentst.
Yesterday I have set the output from the DM to 17-18 and with the same results.

I've tryed another channel for output cubase but still the phaser sound and I can only record very low sound because when I turn up the volume, the phaser sound appears.

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Maybe it Will help, when someone can write down the routing step by step.
(Just to be sure that I have the correct settings)

My setup:
Tascam DM 3200 with firewirecard.
When I play a session in Cubase, the sound comes channel 9 L -10 R from the DM.

Dank Arjan,

Zodra ik tijd heb, ga ik het gelijk proberen.
Ik vond het een beetje lastig om in het Engels uit te drukken wat het probleem is.
Even in het kort:
Zodra ik een session afspeel in cubase, komt het geluid ervan via kanaal 9 en 10 terug op mijn DM.
Geen probleem dus.
Nu wil ik effecten (compressie) gebruiken van de tafel en dus die sound terug krijgen in mijn session.
Zodra ik het geluid wat er binnenkomt op de DM terugkoppel naar een nieuwe track in cubase, dan krijg ik een soort van faser achting geluid, net of er twee outputs tegelijk klinken.
Maar zoals gezegd, ik ga ermee aan de slag.

Bedankt voor het meedenken.
I've done every possible way to get this work, but still no progress.
Think I skip this option and move on...
Anyway, thanks for the support.

I'll do a video for you.
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Arnold, I think you should disable monitoring on the channel recording the compressed version in Cubase. Just click the orange speaker symbol, or change the output channel for that track. ALWAYS have to make a video. It's your yob, Mayne. :)
(I'm kidding!!!!'m not........................ :) )

Arnold: Glad your problem got solved.


First of all:

1. It's "yab", not yob

2. It's "Maene", not Mayne

3. Yes, I MUST do a video - but only when provoked in another thread!

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