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Oct 2, 2014
Gear owned
I had a little more time to mess around with the DP32, and as I suspected, it's a cinch to print bounce tracks with effects. So instead of using a bounce for the more common reason of combining tracks, you can simply bounce a mono or stereo pair with effects to free up the internal effects for different settings on other tracks. Of course, this could also be done with external effects. When you have a total (stereo + mono) of 32 tracks, you "should" have plenty left for things like this unless you're a real track hog.
...oh, and you can also do a mix, export and then import those tracks back into the track pool without leaving the machine as well. So there are many ways to increase the utility of the effects and even expand the track count (if you ever really needed to do that).
Welcome John!!! Can't wait to hear what you sound like on the DP32. I was thinking of getting one for mobile recording as well! Looks like a simple machine to track on and pivot from there externally if so desired!
Hi Charlie and thanks. Yeah, I pulled the trigger although I still have the Akai and it's working perfectly. The DP32 (and I guess the DP24 by extension) seems like a robust machine, solid build "feel" and solid state recording seems like it should be more trouble free than recording to a hard disc. The sonics seem fine too so, even though the machine is much much simpler than say the Akai, it should be great as a capture device for computer mixing or even for mixing inside the box. Moving tracks back and forth between the machine and computer is snap.

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