Sound of drums in headphones DP-03


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder

I just bought a DP-03 and its set up at the moment for the following:
Roland RD700sx stage piano
1 mic with xlr.
I'm using it at home.I dont play professionally.I use it at home.It replaced a 414mk 2 4 track cassette deck.

I have it set so I can just switch it on and hit track 1 and 2 record and start playing.When I first set it up I used the headphones to listen to the demo song.

The other day I tried to record on it but I kept getting the sound of drums when I played it back.I down know whats going on there.If I try to record all I hear is drums and if I rewind and play it back the sound of those drums-not the demo drums,plays back.I just need to know how to disengage the drums so I can start recording some of my songs.

Please note,I have since found the problem and have now recorded as planned.My apologies.

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