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Aug 5, 2013
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Tascam 38 + Tascam 22-2
Hi there
I have recently acquired a Tascam 38 and 22-2 that I intend on using in my home studio and just wondered where you experienced Tascam users tend to get your replacement parts from, any recommendations?

The 22-2 is most certainly going to need a new capstan belt as the original one has turned to goo and the 38 seems to be needing a new pinch roller as it is a little 'tacky' to the touch. It would probably be worth while me obtaining a replacement captain belt for the 38 too.

Many thanks in advance!
nitrous said:
Call Teac for belts.

I did contact Teac but found that it would cost me £23 for a single capstan belt (not including VAT and shipping). To purchase new rollers and all belts for both machines from Teac would cost a small fortune!
I bought a Tascam 38 off ebay for $380, then bought a capstan belt for $15 and
rubber roller for $70, both from ebay, replaced them in the 38 and sold the 38
for $650, so its worth fixing them.
There are belts and rollers on ebay now, you will find a belt (not genuine but they are fine) for under $20 (that's probably around 12 pound I guess), although the
cheapest rollers are around $100, cheers.

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