St James Infirmary

Nice collaboration, David. I'm a big fan of your playing. The mix has a nice intimate, live feel. I can just picture the venue: Dark; smokey; tables for two.

I've got this one on repeat while I'm surfing the forum.;)

The ride does come across just a bit hot to my ears, but I don't think it detracts from the mix.

Just for giggles, you might try to run the track back through the DP-32SD's Input De-Esser. That may tame the ride's transient attack without affecting the overall timbre of the ride cymbal. I'd try that before trying to EQ the ride.
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Nice one, I like the atmosphere overall, and the playing and singing is fine! To my ears the ride is way too hot (maybe all cymbals even) - the sound is fine but it's just too much upfront. Overall a very nice track!
David, I have the same observations so I won't repeat them. Sounds like a fun project do to. :)
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Yeah - as I had mentioned initially I was pretty sure the ride was a little hot. There's a couple of things I would tweak there. I was a participant on this and not in control of those decisions but if the opportunity arises I will pass along the feedback. Appreciate the listens and feedback!
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