Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9.5

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    Dec 2018
    Everyone, hi. I'm a loyal user of Tascam products for years and enjoy these forums very much. I'd much rather discuss other topics but recently I bought the download version of WaveLab Pro 9.5, about a week ago, and finished my project without needing to use it, which is a good thing, however, now I have this and don't need it so I have it listed on Reverb ( ) for 459.99 and looking around to find out if anyone can make use out of it. The codes (the access code and activation code etc) are all completely unused. I bought it for almost 600 dollars (tax alone was like almost fifty dollars) so I'm kool with selling it for less 500, if anyone is interested. It's obviously great software, I just don't need it. I'd rather sell it to someone who can make use of it whilst also me recouping some of the money I spent on it. If anyone is interested let me know and hit me up.
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