Stereo Panning in Remote mode


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Mar 5, 2013
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Tascam DM-3200
Question 1
Is there anyway I can pan a stereo track in Remote layer ex; PT10 I have a track outputting on 23/24 but on the DM-3200 remote layer I can only pan the left channel in PT10.

Question 2
When I'm in Layer 1 (1-16) I only have panning for channels 9-16 and when I'm on layer 2 I only have panning for 25-32. How do I access panning for all channels?

Question 1:

In order to have stereo panning access in PT10, you need to create the track as a Stereo channel. If you've done so, and can only pan 1/2 of that track, it's possible your HUI settings aren't right. Go to PT's Setup/Peripherals/Remote menu; ensure you're running USB5 & 6 as your bidirectional pathways. Then, ensure your DM's HUI Emulate is up and active as well.

Question 2:

By default, you should have access to EVERY single pan setting in ALL channels. By this I mean, directly on EACH channel by way of the POD knobs. However, if you're using the Encoders for panning, you need to be sure every layer for which you want pan control is chosen in the Encoder Menu on the console's right half.
These buttons and their functions are a bit confusing because they are multi-functional; it's easy to set them incorrectly. So, take a moment, go through each layer - selecting 'PAN' as the primary function for each of the layers, testing the encoders for correct operation.


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