Storm's a comin!


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Oct 2, 2012
Queens, New York
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2 x DM3200, DA-3000
Don't know about the rest of you fellow DM owners who are located on the north east coast of the US, but this here owner has unplugged all of his equipment!

See ya on the flip side!
The "eye" is going right over my house around 2am tonight. Power still on here, at 5PM. Thought I would set my DM out on the deck and see if the wind and rain will help clear my display lines. Hope it's waterproof.
trees falling all around my house. Stil have power
Hope everyone is safe.

Even in Europe we are following the events across the ocean.
Well, even though Sandy's "eye" went right over my house in south central Pennsylvainia, we are all good here, No power loss, no flooded basment, no damage, just a bunch of gusty winds and rain. It's still a bit windy here, but currently no rain and no damage.
Watching TV, looks like NY city and long island really got hit hard. I saw some major fires in Queens NY (I think it was Queens). Hope you are OK cmaffia. I'll have to check in in your webcam.
OK over here thanks for checking in on me. My parents are with me from Breezy Point which was probably the most devasted area in Queens,NY where approximately 100 homes have been destroyed by fire alone in addition to those destroyed by the wind and tidal surge.

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