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Dec 13, 2012
Long Island, NY
Gear owned
Dm 4800 imac Pro Tools 10
For some strange reason the play, stop and record buttons in PT10 are not responding to my commands either from my computer keyboard, mouse or via the 4800 remote layer. I'm new to pro tools and its probably human error but maybe its related to the board as well because I've never been able to get the record button on the board to work although the rest of the transport has worked before.

Anyone know why in PT10 I'd suddenly lose the ability to hit play?
First - regarding the keyboard: have you tried enabling the 'Keyboard Control' option in the upper right hand corner of the Edit Screen? It's a little yellow square.
That should at least allow access to Protools keyboard commands (Ctr/D, etc etc),
If not, there's likely a USB issue going on.

Second, you'll have to describe in detail your HUI/MMC setup on the DM and ProTools - specifically - what you've chosen in the HUI/Mackie scren.There are two separate ways to set up communications between the DM and PT; one for tracking, the other for automated mixing. The former involves the 'HUI' option; the latter requires the GENerate INternal Timecode setting.

Third: did you Enable the TRansport icon in the HUI Remote setting? That's the little round 'dot' next to the abbreviation - 'TRA'.'

thanks for the quick response. I've left the studio for today but I'm going to check all of those tomorrow morning and report back. We paid an engineer to set up our studio so unfortunately I have no idea how it was setup. I just come in and normally it works.

For some context, I own a music school called Bach To Rock and we've built a recording studio in our school so we can record our band classes, for our birthday party program and also to rent out the studio to the community. I'm a musican with home recording experience only (Reaper) so I've got a big learning curve that I'm working through although for the heavy lifting we'll bring in outside engineers. But so far I'm made a lot of progress thanks to loads of reading, forum use and most importantly experimentation in the studio itself.

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