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Mar 24, 2019
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Hi. I bought this mike (SubZero SZC-T700) and power pack (TPS-1 Multi Pattern Power Supply) a while ago. I wondered if anyone on this forum could explain to me what rotary control on the power pack actually does. I understand it changes the polar patterns, but I for the life of me cannot audibly hear any changes made. Is it my tired old ears or am I missing something. Any advice would be appreciated. Two photo's can be seen here in

@Stutz If you can't hear it, that's a sign of quality on the mic's part.. But you have to understand polar patterns first.

This power supply rotary control can make the mic sensitive to all directions around it (the most left position, called 'omnidirectional') to only in front and behind the mic ('Figure of eight' as it's called - the most right position on your power supply). In the middle you see the kidney shape which means 'cardioid' sensitivity, or only (better said mostly) sensitive from the front of the mic. Very versatile in fact, and can be used in many ways!
Thanks for the reply Arjan. I really haven't had time to play about with it but your explanation does make sense to me. I will be using it in the next couple of days so I will play about with it.
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