Suggested method for cleaning the faders?


Jan 24, 2013
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DM3200, DM4800 and DM24
Hi, I've had my DM24 for 10 years. It's been retired from daily service and replaced by a DM3200 but I occasionally use it for live mixing. When I turn it on some of the faders are a little laggy in the power up self-test routine. Could they need to be cleaned? They feel a little sticky in their movements in the areas where they drag on the self test. Also a couple faders will jump up to max output while moving them through their ranges.

Also, the 2nd Function button is pretty much non-operative. Is there a way to fix that? In fact a few of the buttons are sticky or difficult to get working sometimes.

My screen is holding up with only a few lines starting to go dark. I replaced my power supply in 2010 and stopped using the board regularly in 2012.
Cleaning the faders : you need to clean the brush contacts under the button. Not by dismantling the fader, they are very fragile and usually it is corrosion that corrupts them. I clean them regularly with Kontakt60 or equivalent. A spray push with the tube under the button, glide the button up and down 3-4 times, and a second spray and move again.
2nd fonction button and other lazy buttons : you need to change them. It is very cheap but you will need time and an un-solder soldering iron (or a good solder pump).
Screen : go to screen thread.
Thanks for the advice.

I would like to clarify that by "spray push with the tube under the button" you mean that I need to spray the cleaner into the fader slot in the area beneath the "button" (part that I put my finger on the move the fader)?

Can I order the 2nd Function switches from Tascam or is there a part number for them around somewhere? I feel pretty comfortable taking the board apart and it's a spare at this point but I would like to refurbish it while not in use.

I'm going to hold off on the screen until it starts to become unreadable.

Thanks again.
a spray push = push once the button of the spray bottle. Just a pshhh, not 5 seconds.
Si je le dis plus clairement, tu donnes un coup de spray sous le bouton du fader. Il y a un tube capillaire fourni avec la bombe de produit.
Got it! Thanks!!!
The short spray push is fine... but I would never, under any circumstances, spray anything into any electronic component but DeOxIt5. Alcohol based "cleaners" (commonly known as "tuner spray") are essentially useless, and spray lubes like WD40 do more harm than good. DeOxIt5 cleans and resurfaces contacts, improving conductivity. Accept no substitute.
Yes Jim, your DeOxIt is what we found here in Europe under the name Contakt60 or F2.

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