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Dec 29, 2013
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I love my DP 24 but I would love it more if it remembered the levels. Why not do it like Star Trek? With digital levels.

Like this:

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Which levels does it not remember? I thought that if you saved a song and later reloaded it, the fader levels, but not actual physical fader positions, were recalled, even though there are no scenes.

I have been considering purchasing a DP-24 for some time, but have been put off by this issue of no scenes.
It does remember all the panning, equalization etc but the faders themselves are physical so it doesn't position them for you when you load a song and that would be cool. What do you mean by a scene?
The Yamaha recorders you could program scenes which basically remembered the fader levels for different parts of a song on mix down on the AW4416 the faders were motorized and you could watch them move up and down through the mix. I remember using Yamaha's first digital mixer the DMP7 in the late 80's in a studio it probably was the first to do scenes and was programmed by using midi controllers.
It does remember all the panning, equalization etc but the faders themselves are physical so it doesn't position them for you when you load a song and that would be cool. What do you mean by a scene?

Does it not recall the values though, even though the faders don't move?

On the 2488 Neo, internal fader settings can be saved along with fx, eq and pan as a "scene" which can be recalled at any time. It is very useful.
Each channel has a "digital trim" in the mixer view for that track that can be used to set the level of the track independent of the fader. So if you use digital trim, you can set the relative levels of each track, independent of the faders. This will be saved with the song.

This is a pretty good system. Once you set the faders, if you want to save your mix, you would need to normalize with the digital trim. This may be preferable to a system that remembers scenes but has no way of setting the physical fader position. In that kind of system, you would need to physically adjust each fader when you load a song, and it could be error prone.

Of course, motorized faders are the big daddy solution, but those are not without problems and considerable cost.

The digital trim handles what you need.
Thanks. I didn't realize about digital trim. I really have to order that instruction DVD. :)

In the future though I'd love to see something totally digital for the faders like Star Trek (yes I know - I'm a geek musician).

It would be ultra cool to combine an ipad like device with all the inputs of a normal portastudio. I'll be waiting for that. ;)
not really portable.
I know. Just showing that technology and even commercial applications are already here. I don't think we have to wait for many years until we'll see full-blown portastudio with touch-screen interface.

In the menatime, you can always buy an iPad and get somethibng like Auria:
Sprocket you can do this on the DP24 all ready by using midi from a daw or a stand alone sequencer most volume changes are from 0-127 (0db-+6db) but be aware that the digital trim meters do not follow this convention being 0-48 the information for what controllers to use and their values are in the appendix in the manual on page 98 of the english version. In fact you can control every pot and slider including panning EQ etc by midi controller and all it would need in theory is an interface with midi and a person clever enough to write a stand alone program with graphical interface to control this from your PC. This has happened with other stuff like Line 6 and I got a program off of Boss central (now sadly not with us anymore) to program and backup stuff on my GT100 to my PC which was written by a member of the public and supplied as freeware. If folk want's this maybe you could ask everyone to write to Tascam to see if they want to ask someone to write the program. Maybe it is out there all ready and I don't know about it

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